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2010-03-21 21:03:48 by AndrewGlisson13

This flash was nothing more than a blank screen saying "Vote 5 to see the movie" and some people actually fell for it.

This is why

2010-03-18 15:14:17 by AndrewGlisson13

Bruce Lee > Chuck Norris

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Now I can finally sit on my ass 24/7 for another 2 weeks.

Grammar Nazism ftw.

2010-03-06 01:30:31 by AndrewGlisson13

Heil Grammar.

Grammar Nazism ftw.


I fuck on the first date.

Dear God.

2010-02-19 00:39:22 by AndrewGlisson13

Dumbass thinks i'm a troll. Check out his abusive reviews for my submissions before they are deleted.


2010-02-18 21:57:33 by AndrewGlisson13

My freind has been reccomending that I make a facebook account for some time now, so I finally did. Newgrounds is better.

Level 16

2010-02-12 00:14:07 by AndrewGlisson13

About damn time.

New post

2010-02-07 14:23:19 by AndrewGlisson13

Made a new post because the previous one has gotten so fucking old that I don't even want to look at it anymore.

Post comments by the way.

New year.

2010-01-01 02:10:16 by AndrewGlisson13

I can finally make fun of those damned '10ers.