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2009-07-04 00:45:41 by AndrewGlisson13

Send me a shitload of random PMs for no reason XD

I've only had this account for 54 days so far, and I already have more B/P points than my previous account, which I have had for over 2 years.

I hope to have 2,500+ B/P points by the time I go back to school. If I keep getting 50+ B/P points a day, I should achieve this.

Important news post

2009-07-01 16:18:30 by AndrewGlisson13

No, just kidding. this is useless :P

Post comments please


2009-07-01 00:06:37 by AndrewGlisson13

Post comments

. .

2009-06-28 15:34:31 by AndrewGlisson13



2009-06-28 03:04:21 by AndrewGlisson13

I now have 666 save points.

Hey look!

2009-06-26 21:08:12 by AndrewGlisson13

I made a news post!

I must be awesome! ;)


2009-06-25 21:54:26 by AndrewGlisson13



2009-06-25 17:45:41 by AndrewGlisson13

Make pointless comments.

As many as you want.

Go ahead, you know you want to :P

EDIT: I have now set a goal. I want to have 1337 comments.

So don't stop commenting, but don't make any spammy ones.

I have no life.

2009-06-23 12:38:47 by AndrewGlisson13

I'm currently trying to get all of the medals in OCD+.

I already got the button one, and i'm working on 'The pianist' medal.

I have no life :P