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2009-06-18 14:13:49 by AndrewGlisson13

Yet another pointless news post.

Make some pointless comments :P


2009-06-16 23:05:50 by AndrewGlisson13

Why are you reading this?

My little brother might sign up on this site

2009-06-16 01:44:48 by AndrewGlisson13

My 10-year-old little brother is currently asking my mom for an email address of his own. Once he has this email address, he will sign up for this site. I want to make the following things clear:

1. I did not assist him IN ANY WAY in getting an account (if he get's one.)
2. He is not my alt.
3. I am not in any way responsible for any of the immature things I expect him to do.

EDIT: My mom has decided not to give him an email address. Thank god.

Unrelated pic below:

My little brother might sign up on this site

A little calculation I did

2009-06-13 18:56:44 by AndrewGlisson13

If I had never lost my old account, I would be level 29 right now.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, thats only if I deposited every day.

A little calculation I did

Exibit A
Exibit B
Exibit C


2009-06-10 00:14:49 by AndrewGlisson13

Don't read this.



2009-06-06 21:20:26 by AndrewGlisson13



2009-06-04 00:35:09 by AndrewGlisson13

Epic win.

6 shitty reasons to believe in God.

2009-05-29 23:47:10 by AndrewGlisson13

I recently stumbled upon this. It is filled with 6 reasons to believe in God. It is a really pathetic attempt to prove God's existence, yet it is still the best I have yet seen. They can all be easily contradicted, even by a dumbass 13-year-old like myself.

REASONS 1,3 and 4: These reasons basicly state that the universe is perfect, that it follows uniform laws of nature, and that life on earth is just too complex to have not been intelligently designed, and therefore, God must exist. This is not a very intelligent assumption. Saying that the universe was created to perfectly suit us is much like looking at a hole filled with water and assuming that the hole was created to perfectly fit the water, when it is actually quite obvious that the hole was not created to perfectly fit the water, but the water simply adapted to the shape of the hole. Likewise, the universe was not created to perfectly suit us, but instead we have adapted to it via billions of years of evolution. This takes care of reasons 1 and 3.

Reason 4 says that life is far to complex to have not been intelligently designed by some God. But this is not true, it really could have evolved on its own, as the book "Finding Darwins God" helps to illustrate, often using examples of exparaments that scientists have carried out, many of which involving bacteria being placed in difficult enviornments and then, completly by chance, evolving new genes or structures to so that they can live more easily in those enviorments. So that argument fails as well.

REASON 2: This reason states that, since the cause of the big bang is unknown, that God must have caused it. But what caused God? One cannot say "God has always been there!" because if it is logical to say that, than it is also logical the say that the universe has always been there. Of course, neither of which are logical, so what caused God? SOMETHING must have casued God to come to be, and somthing must have caused that, and so on. The same applies for the big bang. Of course, God isn't the only thing that could have caused the big bang, and just because we don't yet know the cause doesn't mean that it must have been God. Since athiests are willing to exept that the big bang must have had a cause, but christians are unable to exept that God must have had a cause, this argument fails miserably.

REASON 5: This one says that God is constantly trying to prove his existence to athiests by forcing to topic of religion onto their minds until thay eventually notice that God is doing this in an attempt to make himself known. This argument can be described in two simple words: EPIC FAIL. This article shows that god obviously has no desire to prove his own existence.

REASON 6: This reason is even more fail than the previous one. It pretty much says that, since jesus was the only one to claim himself an equal to god, that his must be the only TRUE religion. All this really does is show that jesus was smokeing something completly different from whatever drug the other religious figures where probably using. It also claims that, since jesus was able to work miricles, that he MUST have godly powers. But there is no proof that jesus ever worked such miricles. In fact, some historians doubt that jesus was even a real person, since there is no evidence of him ever existing.

That is all for now.

6 shitty reasons to believe in God.

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